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GVS Releases New KNX Multifunctional Actuator, Gateway and Air Quality Sensor

GVS, a manufacturer for more than 20 years, has released three new products: 

  • KNX Multi-functional Actuator Mini (Flush Mounted)
  • KNX Multifunctional Gateway (RS485/RS232)
  • KNX Air Quality Sensor V2

KNX Multi-functional Actuator Mini, 3-Fold

The KNX Multi-functional Actuators, 4/8/16/24 folds, released last year, offered flexible options and also greatly improved the utilisation of the module loop.

Now, the newly released KNX Multi-functional Actuator Mini has the following highlights:

Firstly, compared with common square design, it is designed with a round shape with a dimension of only 53mm, which is a perfect fit for the small European wiring box.

Secondly, it covers the functions of lighting, curtain, fan coil control etc. For the curtain control, besides the AC motors, it can also control the dry contact type, both 3-wire and 4-wire.

With new generation technology, the module has a stronger anti-surge capability and relay performance, and every channel can be parameterised as input detection or LED indicator (5V/12V) output (Maxi. 1mA).

Finally, taking into account the safety of the equipment, GVS, as always, carefully selects the materials of the input terminal block and the 220/110V AC terminal.

KNX Multifunctional Gateway (RS485/RS232)

Compared to former individual KNX/RS485 or KNX/RS232 converters, the new multifunctional Gateway (RS485/RS232) includes multi channels and can be integrated with multiple protocols at the same time. More convenient in actual in use and more effective in reducing engineering costs.

One module can support the control of 4 loops, and the users can independently select or replace RS485 and RS232 PCB boards (just adapt to the corresponding interface board).

At the same time, this 485/232 gateway has built-in multiple and practical protocol docking, making the integrated control function more comprehensive and powerful, specifically:

  • Support Modbus host command, can connect the Modbus temperature control panel, fresh air, floor heating, electric meter, sensor, etc. to KNX;
  • Support Modbus slave commands,  can be integrated with third-party BA systems;
  • Support common 485/232 custom codes, which can be easily integrated with third-party equipment;
  • Support VRV Modbus AC Control, including Dakin, Fjitsu, Goshiba, Gree etc. 
  • Support Dooya RS485 Curtain Control, which can be directly connected to the KNX system;
  • Support Background Music Control Support Background Music Control, including Backaudio etc.

Thanks to the modular and flexible design of the multifunctional gateway, 1-fold of KNX/RS485 and 3 folds of RS485/RS232 interfaces can be user selected based on actual project needs. Each channel works independently which improves the reliability of the home automation system.

Air Quality Sensor V2

About 70% of a person’s life is spent indoors, where we can be dealing with carbon monoxide produced by smoking and insufficient gas combustion, formaldehyde and VOC gas from decoration, and high-density carbon dioxide by long-term closure of doors and windows. These gases are eroding our health invisibly.

GVS has always been devoted to offering smart and healthy life solutions, continuing to specialise in leading technologies in the field of gas monitoring, and recently launched this air quality sensor to act as a ‘smart air guard.’

Not only can it effectively monitor air quality indicators such as PM2.5, PM10, AQI, TVOC, temperature and humidity, and CO₂, it also has a built-in fresh air controller, which can be connected with a fresh air system for smart control.

Under the combined action of air quality sensor and fresh air system, the outdoor fresh air is continuously detected and filtered before being sent to the room, and the indoor dirty air is discharged to the outside, so that the confined space can achieve scientific air convection and protect health. It can create a healthy and energy-saving green lifestyle.

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