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AVE Launches Room Controller KNX for Home and Hotel Applications

AVE Room Controller KNX is born. It’s a supervision and control device, absolutely innovative from both a technological and aesthetic point of view. Ideal for home and hotel, this device is unique in its kind: it combines in a single high-designed solution both two-zone chrono-thermostat with humidistat functions and the control functions that typically are used inside a room: lights, shutter automation, scenarios, sound system and technological alarms.

It’s a high-tech gem, equipped with a 3.3″ OLED display, which returns the status of all the above mentioned functions through a customizable user interface with colour icons and text descriptions. This device allows the “smart awakening” of the display: it lights up automatically recognizing the proximity of the user’s hand. It also boasts the presence of touch controls, that offer an extremely modern, intuitive and practical interaction; the four touch-sensitive areas on the front plate allow you to move easily among the menus and control the different functions. There are two navigation modes: by function, where the single automations configured in the device follow each other cyclically (ex. Bedhead light, “Good morning” scenario …), or by levels, where all the automations are grouped by type (ex. Lights, Scenarios …). In the specific case of thermoregulation, by keeping your finger on the display, you can also access an advanced menu, which gives access to further set point and temperature configuration settings.

On a technological level, the Room Controller KNX is an extremely flexible device, that allows total control of the thermal zone in which it’s inserted thanks to an integrated temperature and humidity probe, with the possibility of setting a comfort temperature (based on the perceived humidity and temperature). By means of an external probe via bus or wired, it’s possible to supervise a second zone with thermoregulation. It can manage heating and cooling systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, as well as control the air quality through CMV units. It is able to manage the sound diffusion of the room allowing interaction with functions such as volume adjustment, the selection of the radio station or MP3 track. It can manage up to 6+6 Windows, 4+4 Scenarios and 6+6 Lights with various adjustment possibilities for the dimmers. It has 3 configurable auxiliary analogical inputs for the connection of presence sensors, additional temperature probes, open window sensor and room status via a badge holder pocket to maximize energy savings. It also has two configurable RGB LEDs that allow the signalling of technical alarms or other status of your choice.

Available both with brushed aluminium front plate (with natural or anthracite colour), and with glass one (in white or absolute black), it can be used in residential, tertiary and hotel contexts; it’s suitable both for rectangular boxes with Italian standard, and for round boxes with international standard. It can be coordinated with AVE wiring accessories series and KNX range, which boasts the presence of the main system modules, traditional, touch and toggle controls.

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