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ise Presents SMART CONNECT KNX Saunier Duval Offering Integration Between eBUS and KNX

Visit us at our virtual booth at the KNXperience from 28th September – 2nd October 2020 for an interactive live chat to find out about our new and upcoming products:

New product: SMART CONNECT KNX Saunier Duval

Together with the system controller MiPro Sense, the ISE SMART CONNECT KNX Saunier Duval offers integration between eBUS and KNX. It lets you to switch your heating system to ‘standby mode,’ allowing you to reduce the room temperature setpoint values in all rooms (if desired) and minimise heating.


  • Control of operation mode and temperature setpoint values for up to three heating zones
  • Control of operation mode and temperature setpoint value for hot water supply
  • System information like service mode, error messages, date and time, outside temperature and system status
  • Heating circuit status values: Pump status, flow setpoint temperature, flow temperature, minimum flow setpoint temperature for cooling mode, heating curve for each heating circuit
  • Hot water status values: Circulation pump status, charging pump/3-way valve status, hot water temperature
  • Display of temperature and error status for up to eight heat generators
  • Yield values of solar systems and heatpumps
  • Consumption values for hot water supply and heating (electricity and gas)
  • Handover protocol from installer to system integrator
  • Simple integration into KNX (can be completely configured via ETS)
  • Easy-to-understand structure in the ETS5 thanks to channels
  • Extensions via firmware updates

Extensive update: SMART CONNECT KNX Vaillant V2

Coming soon: SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II

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