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Elsner Elektronik Offers Intuitive Room Temperature Setting with Cala KNX T 101 Heating Controller

With an illuminated temperature display and touch surfaces with large “Plus” and “Minus” symbols, the Cala KNX T 101 heating controller is reduced to the essentials. The room temperature in a building automated with KNX can be set intuitively. This opens up a wide field of application for Cala KNX T 101, even in commercial buildings or hotels characterised by visitors and changing users. The compact room controller is installed in the standard switch frame. Cala is available for the German 55 mm system and the Swiss 60 mm standard.

The 7-segment digits for the temperature display can show actual and setpoint temperature. It goes without saying that the luminaire can also be switched off automatically, for example for an undisturbed night’s sleep or simply to save energy.

An integrated sensor determines the current room temperature for the control. The temperature controller for single and two-stage heating and cooling systems offers the full scope of HVAC control for KNX and is set in the ETS. Setpoints for the Comfort, Standby, Eco and Building Protection modes are either specified individually or defined as a deviation from the Comfort setpoint. The control is either based on the PI principle or on preset values for different applications, e.g. for underfloor heating or fan coils.

The surface of Cala KNX T 101 is made of glass and is available in the colours pure white and deep black, which can be combined with many switch designs and furnishing styles. The extended models of the heating controller are called Cala KNX T 201 or 202 and have additional up/down touch surfaces for the positioning of sun protection or darkening. In addition, optically matching KNX push-buttons and KNX operating displays from the Cala series of the manufacturer can be used to complete the room operation.

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