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Theben Announces iON KNX Tactile Sensor and Room Controller

Looks great, works great 

Switch on and dim lights, raise and lower blinds, control the room temperature, save and call up individual scenes: With Theben iON tactile sensors and room controllers, a wide range of functions in every KNX-based smart building and in the LUXORliving smart home system can be controlled simply by pressing a button. 

iON tactile sensors are available in various designs: as 1-way (2 buttons) or 2-way (4 buttons) version and as a room controller with LC display and Bluetooth interface. Depending on the device, up to 20 functions can be controlled via a single button. Extensive multiple buttons can thus be replaced in a space-saving manner. All tactile sensors come with an integrated bus coupler and can be programmed without the ETS app. The LUXORliving versions are configured using the free LUXORplug software. Thanks to the frameless design of ID AID, iON blends in with popular switch ranges.

Evidently convenient

The interaction between the temperature sensor integrated in the iON 102 and iON 104 and the corresponding heating actuators allows the room temperature to be controlled easily. The coloured status LEDs indicate the current status of the KNX tactile sensor. In this way, for example, the status of the outdoor light or any another connected load can be displayed. If desired, the brightness of the status LEDs can be adjusted depending on the surrounding brightness: If the room gets darker, the status LEDs dim down automatically and prevent disturbing light influences at night. During the day, the LEDs shine more brightly. This makes them easily visible in bright ambient light. iON 102 and 104 can be labelled according to your needs and preferences. You can choose between clear function descriptions, such as “light on”, “scene TV”, or “blinds up”. Or you can design the surface according to your taste, for example with a drawing or logo.

More functions, more comfort

iON108 KNX room controllers feature a high-quality and extremely durable LC display. Although high-end retina displays are brilliant, they are not suitable for 24-hour use. Here, LC displays are much more reliable and durable.So you see clearly what’s going on. Select a suitable icon from the extensive library for each of the 10 or 20 functions and assign suitable function names, such as “ceiling light” or “winter garden blinds”. The current status (on/off, dimming value, position) is also displayed. Operation in the smart building or smart home could not be easier. Speaking of operation: iON 108 KNX can also be easily controlled via Bluetooth using an app. App operation is also perfect for meeting rooms or hotel rooms. It allows guests to easily control the functions of the room themselves.

Includes English subtitles.

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