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Ekinex Introduces 20venti KNX Push Button Controller

The evolution of products made in Italy

Ekinex introduces 20VENTI: new, minimalist, with strong distinctive features. 20venti stands out for its functionalities highlighted by the new customisable buttons and for the technical features guaranteed by the KNX standard.

The choice of materials is vast and ranges from Fenix NTM, known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint characteristics, to metal, unrivalled in its material quality and plastic, essential and easy to place.

Several combinations and variants

To meet all requirements, 20venti is available in various versions. The base with KNX module is combined with different frames and buttons, the RGB LEDs allow choosing different colours according to the functions and personal tastes. The thermostat function is obtained through the presence of a temperature sensor in addition to the dedicated control logic.

The use of the updated Ekinex Planner will give you the opportunity to create your favourite combinations and test their aesthetic effect as part of your project.

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