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Theben Launches KNX RF Flush-mounting Wireless Actuators

Theben AG is expanding its range of KNX RF products with new KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and media couplers. Encryption through KNX Data Secure ensures communication is optimally protected against tapping and manipulation.


KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and the media coupler support secure communication according to the KNX Data Secure standard. This prevents interception of the transmitted data. This guarantees maximum data security for the customer and effective protection against tapping and manipulation.

The portfolio comprises a universal dimmer (DU 1 RF KNX), a blind actuator (JU 1 RF KNX) and a switch actuator (SU 1 RF KNX).

All actuators have 2 external inputs for connecting buttons, a signal contact or a temperature sensor. This allows maximum flexibility and additional control elements in locations with restricted access and ideal for all retrofit projects.

September 2019.

For additional information, contact:
Paul Foulkes, KNX Sales Manager, Telephone +44 (0)7703 730 276

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