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Elsner Elektronik Shows KNX eTR 101 Room Temperature Controller at ISE 2019

KNX eTR 101 Room Temperature Controller is a heating controller for the KNX building bus system. The switch-sized control unit is placed on site in the room. The controller automatically ensures the desired room temperature and enables individual readjustment via touch surfaces. The simple user interface allows use in both private and commercial areas, especially in hotels, where the user wants to adjust the room temperature quickly and intuitively. “Plus” and “minus” for setting are supplemented by a temperature value display. The real glass surface is both elegant and durable. The design language matches many current furnishing styles.

KNX eTR 101 measures the temperature on site and controls the heating/cooling via integrated PI controllers. Single-stage and two-stage systems can be controlled. All settings such as connected systems and target temperatures for the operating modes Comfort, Standby, Eco and Building Protection (according to KNX-HVAC standard) are made in the KNX application.

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