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B.E.G. Shows PICO-KNX Occupancy Detector at ISE 2019

In presenting the new PICO-KNX occupancy detector, B.E.G sets standards: with dimensions of only 33mm x 34mm (height), it is the world’s smallest KNX occupancy detector.

The PICO-KNX fits to almost any mounting requirements and can easily be integrated into luminaires. Despite its small size, the detector has an impressing detection area of 10m (diameter) at a mounting height of 2.5m and of approx. 12m at a mounting height of 3m. The detector PICO-KNX offers almost all functions of the B.E.G. KNX Generation 6 (DX), e.g. the short presence with shortened follow-up time after short occupancy of the room or the offset function for up to three lighting zones for creating a uniform lighting level throughout the room. A logic module is also comprised. Thanks to the bidirectional remote-control capability, the programmed parameters can be read out at any time and the programming can be activated comfortably using the remote control. The internal light sensor, an additional brightness object and the connection possibility of an external table light sensor via infrared assure a constant light regulation even in difficult surroundings, e.g. unfavourable light conditions.

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