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NETxAutomation Presents the BMS Platform at ISE 2019

The NETx BMS Platform is an all-in-one building management solution that is based on open and standardized protocols and technologies.

As successor of the NETx BMS Server 2.0, the NETx BMS Platform combines different building management functions in one product:

• multi-protocol gateway
• visualization
• alarm management
• trending
• scheduler
• logic engine

It also includes a new web-based management interface called the Web Manager. In addition, the NETx BMS Platform has optional modules for lighting/DALI management and automatic shading control.

Considering the value of environment, NETxAutomation has also developed the reporting tool, which helps you to monitor, analyse and process data from smart meters. Therefore, reporting tool provides the efficient use of existing resources.

Furthermore, to improve users experience, BMS Platform offers the Android/IoS App.

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