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Weinzierl Shows New KNX RF Products at ISE 2019

Stand 9-F120, ISE 2019

• KNX RF Push Button Insert 440 secure
• ENO EnOcean Push Button Insert 460 secure: fit into standard switches and appeals with soft and quiet push of a button
• KNX TP/RF Coupler 672: compact flush-mounted housing to connect with KNX TP
• KNX RF USB Stick 340: pocketable solution for convenient wireless KNX configuration

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH extends its portfolio for wireless KNX solutions. The KNX RF Push Button Insert 440 secure and its twin sibling ENO Push Button Insert 460 secure convince with a particularly pleasant touch of a button. The compact flush-mounted KNX TP/RF Coupler 672 connects KNX RF devices to the wired KNX TP bus. With the KNX RF USB Stick 340, KNX RF devices can be configured comfortably and wirelessly via a PC.

Soft and quiet click: KNX RF Push Button Insert 440 secure/ENO EnOcean Push Button Insert 460 secure

The KNX RF Push Button Insert 440 secure offers optional KNX Data Security and mechanically fits numerous switches available on the market. Especially the soft and soft keystroke allows the installation in bedrooms and living rooms. It is supplied by a standard battery type CR2032. The built-in USB port (Micro-USB type) allows a wired configuration of the device and enables a coupler mode. Of course, the device can also be configured wirelessly with the ETS 5. Its twin sibling ENO EnOcean Push Button Insert 460 secure with similar looks uses the EnOcean wireless technology to connect with a compatible KNX ENO Gateway such as the KNX ENO 626 secure.

Compact in a flush-mounted housing: KNX TP/RF Coupler 672

The compact KNX RF/TP Coupler 672 fits in standard flush- mounted boxes and establishes the connection between KNX RF and the wired KNX TP bus. Multi-colored LEDs indicate the current operating status of the devices.

Wireless configuration via ETS: KNX RF USB Stick 340

The KNX RF USB Stick 340 allows the easy and wireless configuration of KNX RF devices directly from the PC. In conjunction with a KNX TP/RF Coupler, the stick also allows convenient access to the entire KNX installation. This way, wired KNX devices can be configured wirelessly from the laptop using the stick.

The KNX KNX RF/TP Coupler 672 is available since Q4/2018, the other products will become commercially available in Q1/Q2 2019.

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