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Weinzierl Shows Growing KNX IO Product Line at ISE 2019

Stand 9-F120, ISE 2019

KNX Multi IO: 48 configurable inputs and outputs 
Relay extensions for Multi IO
KNX Compact IO for dimming

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH expands its KNX IO range of products. The two KNX Multi IO devices 570 and 580 each offer 48 freely configurable inputs and outputs. The relay extensions Multi IO 590 and 592 form the logical complement to the new Multi IO devices – and the KNX Compact IO range (18mm width) is extended by five new devices for lighting control and security.

KNX Multi IO: 48 universal channels for control

The KNX Multi IO 570 is a universal input and output module for building control. The device offers 48 digital channels. Each channel can be used as a binary input, binary output or as a blind output. Input channels can be used to connect buttons. Output channels can directly control signal LEDs, external coupling relays or blind relays. The periphery (e.g., relay) is powered by an external power supply (24V).

The integrated USB interface allows a connection between a PC and the KNX bus. The USB connection is galvanically isolated from the KNX bus. The configuration is done with the ETS – local programming via USB is also possible. An easy-to-read OLED display on the front allows manual operation and diagnostics.

The KNX IP Multi IO 580 corresponds in function to the KNX Multi IO 570 TP, but is connected to the installation via LAN/Ethernet. The device thus uses the medium KNX IP and can be integrated into a network parallel to KNX IP routers. It appears in the ETS as usual with parameters and communication objects. The KNX addressing, based on physical address and group addresses, also remains unchanged.

Extensions for Multi IO: Relay extensions with system

KNX Multi IO 570 TP and KNX Multi IO 580 IP allow the connection of commercial standard coupling relays to the switching outputs. The Multi IO Extension 590 serves as a power-saving alternative. The coupling relay is controlled as a mono-stable relay, but uses a bi-stable relay internally, thus reducing the holding current by up to 95%.

The Multi IO Extension 592 has been specially developed for the control of blinds or shutters. The double relay is connected to only one output of a KNX Multi IO and integrates the relay outputs for both directions. The outputs are electro-mechanically locked against each other. Both KNX IO Extensions have an integrated fuse to protect high-quality equipment.

KNX Compact IO: Dimming

The KNX Compact IO range with a width of 1TE is now receiving multiple additions in the area of lighting control.

• The KNX IO 530 is a dimmer for 230 Volt bulbs and also offers two integrated binary inputs.
• The KNX IO 532 is a compact combined dimming / switching actuator with a PWM output for dimming LEDs with (12-24 V) and a bi-stable relay output.
• The model KNX IO 534 offers a total of four PWM outputs for dimming RGB LEDs or for setting the color temperature (tunable white).
• The KNX IO 546 is a dimmer for 0-10 volt ballasts and additionally offers a bi-stable relay output.

In addition to the control of the dimmers by switching, relative dimming and dimming value, several optional functions are integrated, including scenes, automatic, snooze function or staircase lighting. Two buttons and three LEDs allow local operation and visualization of the respective device status.

Due to the small footprint, the KNX IO series allows a high degree of flexibility in the planning and design of the electrical distribution.

KNX Multi IO 570, 580 and the Multi IO Extensions are available since Q4/2018. The other products will become commercially available in Q1/Q2 2019.

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