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Gira Adds HVAC Control and More to G1 KNX Central Operating Unit

Many devices in one

The Gira G1 has always been a true all-round talent when it comes to building technology control via KNX. The current release, which is the most comprehensive so far, adds a key function for intelligent building control: Control functions for heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

As a KNX central operating unit, the functional range of the Gira G1 was impressive even before the current release. It enabled users to control the room temperature, lights and blinds, activate complete scenes or use the device as a switch for a specified direct function.

Now there is new temperature sensor module that can be directly docked to the G1. It is used to regulate the room temperature even more precisely and conveniently – in the room where the device is installed. This function can also be executed in a time-controlled manner using the “Timer” button. The operating modes available are “Comfort”, “Standby”, “Night” and “Frost/heat protection”. The respective setpoint temperatures can be adapted individually.

The “Room temperature controller auxiliary unit” function allows for the temperatures in different rooms to be adjusted. Up to 150 heating circuits with external room temperature controllers can be operated from one central Gira G1 – for example with the Gira KNX 6-gang heating actuator plus controller in connection with the Gira KNX touch sensor 3 Komfort for temperature detection in the respective room or with the Gira KNX touch sensor 3 Plus. Incidentally: The Gira G1 can also function as an auxiliary unit for a room temperature controller.

The added functionality of the Gira G1 now also allows the user to control the air-conditioning system if it has a KNX interface. Desired room temperature, operating mode, fan speed, air flow direction – all of these functions can be set effortlessly with the Gira G1. Up to five favourite settings can be saved.

It is now also possible to set the sauna temperature using the Gira G1. The temperature controller auxiliary unit function allows temperatures in five specified areas to be regulated between 40°C and 110°C.

Apart from the comprehensive HVAC functions, the G1 is capable of even more – for example displaying video images from IP cameras, enabling the user to see what is going on in the garden, in front of the garage, at the front door, in the hallway or staircase. And two more convenient functions have been added: The Colour Picker lets users set precisely the lighting colour desired when using RGB, RGBW or TunableWhite lights. It is selected via a colour wheel or a slider. Brightness is controlled using the familiar dimming function. Up to 5 colours can be saved and called up directly.

The Audio control function is also new: with the Gira G1, you can now control any audio system that features a KNX interface. It allows you to start and pause music, set volumes, mute the system, switch between tracks and view information on the current song.

For door communication in connection with the DCS IP gateway, an internal voice connection between several Gira G1s and the Gira home stations is now available.

These releases now enable master electricians to offer their customers a true multi-talent for building control. It should be noted that the Gira G1 can also be used as a pure home station in connection with the Gira door communication system and as a HomeServer client. And last but not least: The new temperature sensor module is quick and easy to install.

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