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ABB KNX Technology Lights Up Iconic Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

ABB’s i-bus KNX system enables the control of new lighting at the upgraded Luzhniki Stadium.

It is a goal! The roar of the 80,000-plus fans packed in the famous Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, is deafening. And thanks to the ABB intelligent lighting control solution controlling the massive stadium, the correct lighting ensured that the goal could be seen by all.

ABB KNX Technology Lights up iconic Luzhniki Stadium

ABB has supplied its i-bus KNX system to the historic Russian stadium, which is hosting seven matches at this year’s major football tournament, including the opening and final matches. After Russia was awarded the rights to host the soccer event the stadium underwent an extensive upgrade to become the main venue of the tournament. The task was to preserve the historical appearance of the facility, but technically equip it according to all modern requirements using advanced technologies.

Since opening in 1956 Luzhniki Stadium has hosted a multitude of major sporting and cultural events, including the 1980 Summer Olympics, world championships in ice hockey, athletics and rugby and concerts featuring some of the world’s greatest musicians. Throughout this period, however, football has played a special role, with the stadium having hosted more than 3,000 matches.

The indoor and outdoor lighting, illuminating the action on the pitch and throughout the newly renovated stadium is managed using the ABB i-bus® KNX system. To guarantee power stability during matches, the ABB i-bus® KNX system manages a phased power-up of the floodlights to avoid any sharp power overloads as the various lighting systems are turned on. Yet the phasing is so subtle and fast spectators and working personnel never notice. Lighting around the stadium is controlled using ABB’s energy-saving algorithms that factor in the time of day, natural illumination and the overall load on the power network, resulting in significant energy savings.

KNX interconnects all the components in the electrical installation to form a networked system and thus guarantees the transparency and utilization of information across the installation. In this system, all users ‘communicate’ via a single bus cable. Thus, it is possible to integrate all the different functional subsystems within the stadium into a seamless, and more reliable, solution.

“ABB is proud to be trusted with such a prestigious project. Our electrification products and intelligent building control technology makes buildings of every size smart and their power more flexible, efficient and secure,” said Tarak Mehta, President of ABB Electrification Products division. “The ABB i-bus KNX system manages the lighting throughout the stadium, from the team locker rooms to the action on the pitch, from the terraces to the VIP lounges.”

The massive stadium has more than a thousand rooms, including 15 gyms, a hotel, a fully equipped medical center and a host of restaurants and leisure facilities. More than 348 floodlights will illuminate the pitch. Over 20,000 LED lamps will light various facilities around the stadium, and more than 150 special lighting installations will illuminate the stands.

Artistic exterior lighting has also been installed along with LEDs built into the stadium roof that form a giant screen to display video replays, scores and other visuals. ABB’s Emax 2, Tmax and Tmax XT circuit breakers help manage the complex power demands of such a large and dynamic venue.

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