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Apricum Introduces MECtp KNX Line Coupler

Apricum´s first KNX system device including KNX Secure support, the brand-new KNX line coupler MECtp, was presented at Light & Building 2018.

One Coupling Device for all kinds of TP Line Interconnection

The MECtp media coupling device can be used as a line coupler, as a backbone coupler or as a line repeater. The basic functionality of the MECtp is coupling a KNX TP main line with a KNX TP subline. Providing galvanic isolation between the connected lines it enables a data connection between main line (or backbone) and subline.

Due to its flexibility the coupler can be used as a linecoupler, area coupler or backbone coupler to connect subline and main line. The main task of the MECtp is to filter the traffic according to the installation place in the hierarchy (individually addressed telegrams, named Physical telegrams) or according to the built in filter tables for group oriented communication (Group telegrams).

Compared to other similar products the MECtp provides outstanding features, for example its support of long messages (up to 240 byte APDU length) and a configurable “Manual Function” (transmit all telegrams, transmit all Physical telegrams, transmit all Group telegrams) with single button press activation and automatic switch-off. This functionality is helpful during commissioning, during run time and for trouble shooting. The ability to temporarily disable the telegram filtering by only pressing a button allows access to other lines without additional download from the ETS and reduces the telegram traffic to make debugging and commissioning easier. To easily identify common communication problems due to telegram traffic or retransmissions on both lines the high informative 6 duo-LED display shows the bus status on each line.

The MECtp is also able to link two TP lines only for data transfer. As a line repeater the MECtp still provides galvanic isolation between the connected TP lines. Result is up to four lines can form a single line with up to three line repeaters to be used after the line coupler. Each line segment requires its own KNX power supply unit.

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