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Siedle Offers New Entry-level Smart Gateway for IP Door Communication

Lower-priced Gateway

Siedle has revised the specification for its Smart Gateway. The path into the IP network has now become easier – and considerably more economical.

Connecting door communication with the IP world is becoming increasingly important. Siedle has redesigned the Smart Gateway to provide an exact fit for these demands. The new Smart Gateway (SG 150-0) is leaner in terms of functionality. Nevertheless, it is sufficient for many applications – and, at a price of EUR 640, costs considerably less than before (recommended sales price exclusive of value added tax in Germany).

With five user licences included and a maximum of ten IP users, the Smart Gateway is ideally suited to single-family dwellings and smaller multiple dwelling units. It enables the Siedle App and the Jung Smart Control KNX panels to be incorporated into the door communication.

The previous greater functional range is still available as the Smart Gateway Professional (SG 650-0), at the same price as before. The “Professional” suffix clearly spells out where the main application lies: this Gateway is intended for large commercial and industrial constructions as well as buildings with mixed usage. The functions of the Professional version also include a telecommunications connection, video demodulation, CTI, SIP telephony and the bus software “in-house telephone”.

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