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Theben Presents New KNX Heating Actuators for Intelligent Heating Control

Theben AG presents the new HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators for installation in the heating circuit distributor. KNX heating actuators assist the automatic adjustment of the flow temperature to the actual demand, thereby delivering considerable energy savings.

The new HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators from Theben can be easily fitted in the heating circuit distributor via mounting rails and offer a range of high-performance functions which significantly increase the energy efficiency of the heating system.

Flow temperature adjustment to meet requirements 

Each heating actuator can determine the maximum actuating value of its channels automatically and provide this to the system. If several heating actuators are present in one system, they exchange their maximum actuating values between themselves if requested. The “maximum actuating value in the system” determined from this can be forwarded to the boiler. This allows the flow temperature to be adjusted to the actual demand in a particularly energy-efficient manner.

No KNX room thermostat required

Each channel of the KNX heating actuators can be used as a heating actuator or heating controller. As a heating actuator, the actuating value is received by a KNX controller and the actuator controlled accordingly. As a heating controller, a channel receives the actual value from a room, plus the setpoint and operating mode. Based on this, the channel calculates the actuating value and controls the connected actuator. As a result, only one temperature sensor is required. There is no need for a KNX room thermostat.

Variable output signal 
Each output can control actuators via 24 V DC pulse width modulation or 0-10 V signal. This enables them to easily be adapted to existing systems and broadens the choice of compatible actuators. The 0-10 V signal allows for particularly fine tuning of the temperature with the actuators. It can also be used to control other control devices such as ventilation control or mixing valves.

Customisable heating circuit pump control 

An integrated switching relay enables a heating circuit pump to be controlled based on demand. Additionally, an object for controlling another pump is available. Each channel participates either in no, one or both pump controls. If no heating or cooling energy is needed, the heating circuit pumps can be switched off automatically to save energy.

Practical protection functions

Integrated valve protection stops the valves from becoming stuck if no actuator changes have taken place for an extended period of time (7 days). This means that the system is immediately ready for use at the start of the next heating period. In addition, each channel can execute an emergency program if the actuating value or the actual temperature fails. Any damage to the building structure is therefore effectively prevented.

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