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Theben Presents new thePassa Presence Detectors for Corridors and Hallways

Theben presents the new thePassa presence detectors for energy-efficient, presence-dependent lighting control in corridors, hallways and high bay warehouses. Thanks to two detection areas that can be controlled separately, both lighting areas can be precisely separated, switched on and off and controlled (KNX version).

thePassa presence detectors replace the previous compact passage and compact passimo corridor sensors from ThebenHTS. The devices offer a rectangular detection area totalling 5 x 30 m in two lighting areas that can be switched on and off separately. This means that the lighting doesn’t always have to be switched on throughout the entire hallway and is just activated in the area actually being used. The precise delimitation of the rectangular detection area, for example from adjacent office rooms, prevents movements from these spaces also being registered and switching the lighting on. This makes thePassa ideal for long corridors and hallways in office buildings and for high bay warehouses to name but a few examples. thePassa is quick and easy to configure via the new theSenda Plug app and the theSenda B remote control with in-built lux meter.

Chaser light, aura effect, walking direction recognition and more

The thePassa product range comprises a conventional version (thePassa P360-101), a KNX version for integration in KNX building system technology (thePassa P360 KNX) and a DALI version (thePassa P360-221 DALI). The KNX version has two lighting channels and two presence channels. Light measurement is available for each lighting channel, enabling optimum constant light control in each individual lighting group. In addition, the KNX device offers intelligent chaser light, aura effect and walking direction recognition functions. The chaser light recognises the direction of movement of the people in the room and “predictively” switches on the adjacent lighting group. The aura effect function switches on the lighting group when there is a person in its detection area and dims the adjacent lighting groups. This helps thePassa guarantee better orientation and greater safety.

Walking direction recognition increases comfort, as this signal can be used, for example, to open doors automatically when a person approaches. The DALI version of the thePassa can be switched between two lighting groups and also allows the two lighting areas to be controlled separately. An additional group for an external relay can be used for HVAC applications, among others.

The new thePassa corridor sensors are suitable for flush mounting and come in the same housing as the widely used theRonda presence detectors. This ensures a unified look and a harmonious interior design throughout the building. All devices have protection class IP 54 and can therefore also be used in wet rooms.

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