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Theben Introduces DALI Gateway KNX plus for Infinitely Variable Coloured and White Light Control

Theben is optimising the previous DALI Gateway KNX with a firmware update. With the new DALI Gateway KNX plus, KNX commands can now be used to infinitely control lighting colour, brightness and colour temperature as per DT8 according to IEC 62386-209.

Device Type 8 (DT8) was specifically designed to control RGB, RGBW and tunable white lights. RGB and RGBW lights were previously controlled in accordance with Device Type 6, which required a separate DALI address for each colour. With the new DT8 standard, they are now controlled via a single DALI address. Alongside lighting colour and brightness, the colour temperature of tunable white lights can also be adjusted.

The DALI Gateway KNX plus acts as an interface between the DALI system and the KNX bus. At one DALI output, up to 64 EBs can be individually controlled and up to 16 groups can be switched, dimmed or set to a defined value. The gateway enables the operation of self-contained-battery emergency luminaires in accordance with EN 62386-202 and supports emergency lighting systems with a central battery. Information on lamps or EB errors is available to view on the KNX bus for each lighting group or DALI participant.

The DALI Gateway KNX plus also offers a scenario module for up to 16 different groups as well as an effect module for sequential control. DALI commissioning is carried out via the operating controls on the device, via the integrated web server or via the device configuration app (DCA) in ETS.

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