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ABB Offers ClimaECO for KNX-Automated HVAC Control

ABB improves efficiency of HVAC by up to 30 percent with new automation solution, driving down cost

ABB introduces a holistic automation solution for commercial buildings from the central HVAC to the point of consumption in the room.

Committed to continuous innovation in the smarter building sector, ABB is broadening its reach into KNX-automated HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) with its new ClimaECO offering. Combining newly-developed products with ABB i-bus® KNX system, the new ClimaECO offering presents a holistic solution for HVAC applications in modern buildings, from central HVAC down to individual room temperature control.

ClimaECO is designed to improve energy efficiency by up to 30 percent in small to medium sized commercial buildings, fulfilling requirements for class A EU standard EN15232. A range of freely programmable and preconfigured application specific devices can be added easily to existing KNX systems. ABB’s HVAC ClimaECO offering is a time efficient solution, reducing the investment needed in planning, integration and maintenance.

“From the central control and management of heating and cooling systems, through to room-level automation, ClimaECO simplifies the implementation of intelligent automation in modern buildings, making them more economic and comfortable,” said Axel Kaiser, Global Product Manager of ABB Building Automation “This will extend the offer of our KNX system integrators and KNX installers into the HVAC segment.”

Based on the ABB i-bus® KNX system – where all devices communicate with one another via a single bus cable, installed alongside the normal power lines – ClimaECO is an open system designed to operate seamlessly with existing technology. The built-in BACnet interface is automatically configured to integrate ClimaECO with established building management systems.

“This is the most comprehensive KNX-based HVAC automation portfolio on the market,” added Axel Kaiser. “With application specific top level system management controls and a wide range of programmable local user operation devices, it is the perfect solution for intelligent building management.”

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