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Enertex Presents SynOhr MultiSense KNX Room Controller with Built-in Voice Recognition at Light + Building 2018

Enertex® SynOhr® MultiSense KNX is the world’s first KNX touch room controller with built in self-sufficient voice recognition and with no need for an external power supply – it is fed directly from the KNX bus.

• High quality anodized aluminum housing
• Front Panel RGB ring illumination (Status)
• RGB Ambient lights
• Displaying KNX text messages and symbols
• Playing arbitrary audio files from SD card
• Fits in standard wallbox
• Contains bus coupling unit

The room controller measures the temperature, humidity and color intensity. A dot-matrix can show KNX-compliant 14-byte strings. An integrated speaker outputs audio signals stored on the included SD card (Standard Version).

The vocabulary speech recognition is approximately 250 words, need not to be taught separately and can be parameterized via the ETS, so that commands as “COMPUTER, LIGHT 30 PERCENT” are possible (Premium Version). The words can also be changed by the user via the free software SynOhrStudio.

The central button is colored illuminated and gives visual feedback to the recognized sequence. At the lateral edges, a colored “ambient” lighting is installed. The brightness of the lightning can be adjusted automatically via built-in brightness sensor or adjusted by KNX Groupadresses. The same applies for the display backlight. The color of the ring and ambient lighting can chosen arbitrary. Lighting effects are of these elements on and off (depending on the device variant).

SynOhr® MultiSense is fed directly from the KNX bus and requires no external power supply. Two touch buttons on the left or right corner of the display, and a built-in speaker button to KNX telegrams trigger (switching dimming etc.). With that the configuration of the room controller can be changed directly at the device, e.g. changing the temperature for the heating.

Enertex® SynOhr® MultiSense KNX is available in 3 versions and in 3 color options – brushed aluminium, matte black anodized aluminium & glossy white powder coated aluminium (RAL9010).

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