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Schüco Presents KNX-Compatible Building Skin Control Components at Light + Building 2018

Schüco International KG will be presenting automation solutions for intelligently networking the building envelope of commercial and residential buildings (smart homes) at this year’s Light + Building, the world’s leading exhibition for light and building technology, in Hall 11.1 at Stand C50. In January 2018 Schüco became a member of the Connected Comfort brand alliance.

The intelligent networking and automation of building functions is the key factor for efficient and sustainable building management. The building envelope specialist from Bielefeld provides smart solutions in a timeless design, which can be integrated into standardised building management systems. After all, intelligently inter-compatible automation solutions provide a high level of comfort thanks to a healthy indoor climate, protection against break-ins and a reduction in the building’s energy balance.

Networked system platform

Schüco Building Skin Control networks components in the whole building envelope with each other. Via a KNX or BACnet gateway, the system platform can be connected to a standardised building management system. Numerous functions – such as automatic closure of windows in the event of rain, time-controlled window ventilation and energy-saving night-time cooling – can be managed centrally with just one piece of software. They are quick and intuitive to operate using the Schüco Building Skin Control app.

Intelligent ventilation systems

Schüco offers window-integrated ventilation solutions for new and existing buildings. The portfolio ranges from external air inlets for damp protection to effective ventilation systems with heat recovery. With VentoTherm Advanced, Schüco presents a new intelligent ventilation and extraction system with demand-driven sensor control. The integrated heat exchanger reduces ventilation losses and pre-heats the inflowing air to a comfortable temperature.

Schüco VentoLife has been specifically developed to meet the needs of residents in large cities and urban areas. A multi-stage, high-performance filter effectively removes the smallest particulate matter, pollen and substances that are harmful to health, thereby ensuring optimum air quality in the building.

Multifunctional door management

The Schüco Door Control System (DCS) is a smart door management system which offers access control, door communication and emergency exit control. Individual module combinations are possible. The range of modules includes a code keypad, fingerprint or RFID card reader, camera, microphone and loudspeaker, LED spotlight and house number display. The units are flush-fitted in the door profile in a timeless design, as is the DCS Touch Display, which is over 4 inches in size. It combines door communication functions with access control functions in one single module and is as intuitive to use as a smartphone. A scrollable doorbell list, numerical code, intercom system with video camera and door opener, and a house number display provide a high standard of comfort, security and design.

Other highlights at the Schüco exhibition stand include intelligent sun shading control with the KNX weather centre, NSHEVS security solutions with Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart SHEVS and SHEVS control units – as well as the keyless access control system Schüco BlueCon.

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