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Theben Offers New KNX Power Supplies and Push Button Interfaces

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Theben AG presents new power supplies and button interfaces for KNX building automation. The KNX power supplies impress with an especially high long-term stability. The KNX button interfaces provide flexible LED control of customary, dimmable LEDs.

Failsafe KNX power supply PS T KNX

The core of each KNX system is – often completely underestimated – the KNX power supply. In this respect, the new KNX power supply from Theben sets new standards with regard to quality and stability. It minimises the risk of individual KNX actuators or even entire KNX lines having to be restarted because of voltage drops. The new KNX power supplies from Theben are available in versions for 160 mA, 320 mA, and 640 mA. Due to the optimised construction and high-quality components, they reduce noise and minimise voltage peaks. This significantly increases failsafe performance and long-term stability. All versions have a compact 4TE housing. The minimum power loss of just 1.5 W (160 mA), 2.3 W (320 mA), and 3.5 W (640 mA) ensures highest efficiency.

Flexible KNX button interfaces TA S KNX

The new 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-way KNX button interfaces can register binary conditions and control indicator lamps via the outputs. If potential-free buttons or switches are connected, they can perform different functions, such as switching, dimming, raising/lowering blinds etc. Several telegrams per channel allow different conditions/values in “button” configuration type to be sent, as well as up to three telegrams in “switch” configuration type.

Thanks to an increased output power of 3 mA, customary LEDs and low current LEDs can be controlled. For individual status displays of messages, three brightness levels can be configured per output or LED. Thanks to the option of connecting temperature sensors, the button interfaces can be used to measure the room and/or floor temperature, as well as for temperature control with KNX heating actuators.

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