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Voxior Launches Voice Control Interface for KNX

Voxior Inc, has launched a voice interface that connects to KNX in minutes. It is ready to use right away and does not require additional hardware, programming or an on-site visit.

Voxior Launches Voice Control Interface for KNX

Voice – the ultimate interface

The most convenient of interfaces, our voice, is rapidly becoming a reality. With ZDNet reporting that “in the last 30 months the voice interface industry has seen more progress than in the last 30 years”, and with giants such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung already making a lot of noise, voice assistants are arriving in our homes quickly, and in great numbers.

Using your voice to turn the lights on, close the blinds, set the living room for watching a movie, or set the dining room for a romantic dinner is the very definition of a smart home. This fast-moving technology is creating enormous opportunities for new solutions in many different markets, including KNX.


Voxior brings the voice interface to the KNX world by tapping into the existing infrastructure and ecosystems created by tech industry giants. It already supports Amazon Alexa in English and in German, and will expand to include Google Home, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and other voice assistants in the near future.

No hardware or programming needed

Voxior adds voice integration without any need to change the underlying system programming and connects with the voice assistants that are already present in many homes. This enables Voxior to offer a seamless and fast installation process of the voice interface in a KNX-operated smart home.

Voxior already supports Gira HomeServer and X1 gateways, with others in development.

Easy remote installation

For installers, Voxior offers remote connection to gateways of end users and enables configuration of voice commands without any need for an on-site visit.

This capability, to remotely bring on board and manage new and existing end users, makes it an essential tool for installers. The fact that the installer does not need the credentials of the end user’s voice interface account, for example their Amazon account, adds an extra layer of security.

Bringing in more business

Judging by the many satisfied customers who already use Voxior, the inclusion of a voice interface to your KNX smart home solution will broaden your appeal to new customers who are seeking a modern smart home experience. It will also allow you to make homes of existing customers even smarter.

Easy to install, manage and use, Voxior brings maximum revenue to your company with a minimum workload for installers, making the smart home business even smarter.

Want to try the future KNX home now? Login for a free trial on our web page and apply to become a partner.

1Home Solutions GmbH has now acquired Voxior Inc.

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