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Home of Technologies Announces Updates for DIVUS Optima 2.0, KNX Server and Presents New Heartbeat Solution

DIVUS regularly updates its hardware and software to keep up with the demands and new technology. Recently Home of Technologies has seen some major upgrades to the DIVUS product line and also something completely new. Read further to find out more.

Home of Technologies Divus Updates

DIVUS Optima 2.0 New Update

To control building technology, a graphical user interface that is clearly structured, intuitive and simple for both the user as well as for the installer is needed.

With the updated version Optima 2.0, DIVUS has created a visualization surface, that fulfils all these requirements and enables a simplified start into the world of intelligent living. The new UI is very easy to handle and allows to manage a home or a company building in a reliable and efficient way.

DIVUS KNX Server New Update

DIVUS KNX Server is the core of the web technology based visualization solution for KNX systems, which gives you full control over the functions of your home. KNX Server has been updated and now provides a noticeable performance boost and the new Optima interface for creating design-oriented visualizations.

DIVUS Heartbeat Coming Soon

A new type, first-of-its-kind solution for a stable, secure and controlled network. Once integrated in the network, DIVUS Heartbeat constitutes the heart of a smart building. It ensures a stable and secure connection between the connected devices of DIVUS in a protected segment. Also 3rd-party products for building automation are compatible and can be integrated in the secure network segment. DIVUS Heartbeat provides novel functionalities and features that benefit the system integrator and end-user:

Quick and easy installation
Security & stability of the network
Project security
Static scan & system diagnostic
Real-time monitoring
Automatically generated system reports
Absolute control
Firewall protected building automation

For more about the DIVUS product line available in the UK contact Home of Technologies:

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