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EMT Controls Shows Range of Glass Touch Panels, plus Cloud Interface and HVAC Gateway at ISE 2017

Stand number 9-F150, 9-F160, 9-F170

EMT Controls is showing a range of products on the KNX Association stand at ISE. These include several stylish glass touch panels for various applications, an interface between KNX and the Cloud, and an HVAC gateway.


HTP205S Glass Touch Panel with Linear Slider and Buttons
The elegant HTP205S touchpanel is designed to provide intuitive control of comfort settings, demonstrating that thermostats can be simple too.

It supports direct connection to KNX, ModBus, Z-Wave, BACnet, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric.

HTP207 Glass Touch Panel with Radial Slider
The simple-to-use HTP207 glass touch panel is ideal for dimming a light or controlling music volume, thanks to the intuitive radial slider.

It features a radial touch reel and 10 touch buttons on an ultra-clear glass surface.

You can choose your icons and design your user interface, whether it be for lights, shutters, music volume or temperature.

HTP-DOT Glass Touch Panel with Amazon Echo Dot
Why re-invent the wheel when Alexa can do the work? With the HTP-DOT glass touch panel, EMT Controls partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide automation technology with artificial intelligence, connectivity, machine learning and hands free interaction.

For simpler operation, HTP-DOT also support functions such as Bluetooth music streaming or linking to your Spotify account.

HTP95-9-RGB Glass Touch Panel with RGB LEDs
The HTP95-9-RGB series of glass touch panels provide a neat and clean solution where simple, non-confusing control is required.

It allows customisation of icons, colours and illumination.

HCM330W Cloud to Physical World Connector
Today’s home requires a lot of technology to be efficient, comfortable and connected.

The HCM330W brings together:
• Home Automation
• Fibre Gateway and Wi-Fi
• Metering
• Security

Scenario building is done through an intuitive web interface, with online and offline modes.

CB300 HVAC Gateway
Air-conditioning systems consume the most amount of energy in our buildings, but are they smart enough? Do they respond to the weather forecast? Can they collect big data over time and learn something?

EMT Controls ‘predictive control platform’ deals with big data analytics to help buildings save energy, but it requires an interface to communicate to your VRV/VRF installation.

The CB300 HVAC Gateway helps you connect Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and LG air-conditioning systems to BMS, KNX or the Cloud.

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