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Elsner Elektronik Presents its Cala KNX Climate Sensor at ISE 2017

The Cala KNX room climate sensor for the KNX building bus system has a touch display and sensors to capture temperature, air humidity and carbon dioxide values. Various model versions with different sensor combinations allow targeted use, e.g. as a simple temperature sensor or as a combination sensor. The device is combined with the standard 55 mm switch system used in the building and therefore fits beautifully with other electrical installations and building technology. Four integrated binary inputs allow you to integrate, for example, push-buttons, window contacts or other temperature sensors into the KNX system.

The touch-operated interface is the central element of the Cala KNX. It shows the current ambient climate values and allows you to adapt display settings such as the screen saver and brightness. Other display pages show operating elements for the light, shading, windows and temperature settings, depending on your individual configuration. In this way, the display becomes a touch switch. Set up your own personalised, feel-good environment at the touch of a button.

In addition to control functions for temperature and ventilation, the KNX software of the Cala KNX sensor offers mixed value calculations, control variable comparators, logic gates and multi-function modules for the conversion and recalculation of data. The so-called summer compensation mode works like an “emergency brake for energy consumption” that couples the nominal room temperature in the summer to the outdoor temperature and avoids excessive differences. Its intelligent automatic mode makes the sensor a valuable element for energy-efficient building operation.

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