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JUNG Extends its Range of KNX Devices for Room Temperature Control

Fired up with innovative technology
This is how temperature is regulated intelligently today

JUNG presents a well-thought-out extension to its range for efficient and convenient room temperature control with new KNX devices. This is how the new F 40 universal KNX push-button sensors provide a significant increase in performance in addition to the established functions: the most recent generation from this family of devices has an integrated feeler for measuring the current temperature – a feature that the universal F 50 push-button sensors also have and well as the KNX RF wall transmitters in both ranges. Installed in a suitable position, these sensors can pass on the ascertained value to a motor-operated KNX valve drive to support energy-efficient room temperature control.

Jung F 40 KNX push-button sensors

Automatically reliable

The smart motor-operated KNX valve drive is put through its paces here. This device is discreetly designed and can be painted over. It is also equipped with an integrated temperature sensor which makes it ideal for automatically and reliably regulating room temperature. The motor-operated KNX valve drive has an input that can be used either as a binary input or for connecting to an external temperature sensor. The new F 40 universal push-button sensor and its couterpart from the F 50 range are eminently suitable for an extended temperature measurement. Energy efficient heating is sustainably optimised through a combination of these components.

A rounded-off system

The new KNX binary input 6-gang masterfully rounds off this intelligent temperature control system. It was developed for a 230V connection and low-voltage AC/DC and is ideally connected to a window contact, so that it can pass on the window status (open or closed), for example, to the motor-operated KNX valve drive. This ensures that the room temperature sinks accordingly when the room is aired, and no heating is “thrown out of the window”. The built-in technical features of the KNX binary input 6-gang also include an integrated impulse and switch counter that additionally extends its functionality.

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