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Leviton Announces New KNX Connectivity Partner MindBox by Clever-Labs

Leviton announced several enhancements for the international automation marketplace pertaining to the Omni security and automation and BitWise audiovisual control system platforms at Integrated Systems Europe 2016.

“Leviton was delighted at ISE to reveal new KNX integration, International Z-Wave control solution, and Philips Hue extension to our arsenal of automation solutions for light commercial and residential applications”, said Director of Technical Services for Leviton Energy Management, Controls, and Automation, Scott Dudoussat. “Our Connectivity Partner and BitWise Developer Programs continue to energize the custom integration community and expand their solution opportunities across the world.”

Leviton has introduced a new Connectivity Partner, Clever-Labs, offering a new dynamic to KNX integrations with customizable GUIs. The Mindbox Server by Clever-Labs brings a powerful and attractive web server application engineered for use with home and building automation systems such as the Leviton Omni security & automation system. The Mindbox Server is configured via an easy to use web interface which can also be used for remote access in addition to iOS and Android apps. User friendly icons assist the dealer in the identification and set up of the KNX units including lighting, temperature/energy management, and motors (window coverings, shades, shutters, etc.). The Mindbox Server also offers historical archiving and data logging over the cloud which can be used for storing, searching, and displaying logged data.

Additionally, born from the recently announced BitWise Developer Program, two new integration modules by third-party developers are now available in the BitWise Store at Ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, and home theaters, the powerful BitWise audiovisual controllers now integrate with Z-Wave devices and Philips Hue lighting. The downloadable modules come complete with both drivers and graphical user interfaces (GUIs), acting as a time saver for integrators.

The Philips Hue BitWise Module by controlHome controls Philips Hue lamps inside the Leviton BitWise Touch app. Integrators can embed the lights in a GUI floor plan of the house by simply dragging and dropping the respective light icons for various Hue lighting devices. End-users can control individual lights using sliders with the ability to adjust saturation, hue, and brightness, along with powering off/on all lights with a simple press. The auto-discovery tool scans the network and connects to the required Hue Bridge plus retrieves all associated lamps and lighting groups for a quick setup.

The Z-Wave BitWise Module by ADA is used for controlling Z-Wave lighting modules/switches, appliance plug-in modules/receptacles, roller shutters, blinds, and door locks using a Leviton VRC0P Vizia RF + Plug-In Serial Interface Module (one-way control in North America) or Omni Z-Wave Interface Plug-in for Vera Controllers via RS-232 with purchased activation key (control and two-way feedback only available with separately purchased activation key from ADA). The included GUI elements offer sliders with icons and buttons for controlling dimmers, relays, appliances, window coverings, and door locks with battery level status. The module is compatible with iOS, Android, and the Leviton OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen.

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