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Beckhoff Shows PC-based Control with KNX Integration at ISE 2016

Welcome to ISE, the leading European trade show for audio, lighting, event and communication technology. PC-based control technology from Beckhoff enables optimum integration of media technology, lighting control, building automation and control logic. The consistent, highly scalable automation platform offers all relevant interfaces for integrating AV multimedia and lighting systems. You can rely on our proven control technology to enable your creative ideas without limits – across the fields of media technology, building automation, stage technology, in entertainment parks or “unique applications”.

PC-based control: the integrated control solution for all systems in media, building and stage technology

Our robust Industrial PCs with finely scalable performance are ideally suited for both central or local control of lighting, AV and media equipment, building automation or special effects in entertainment and “unique applications”. TwinCAT automation software is used for central or local control of all services.

The Beckhoff I/O system logs data from all sensors and actuators. In addition to integration of DMX, EIB/KNX, DALI, LON and Dimmer, various interfaces for AV multimedia systems are available.

Beckhoff offers a wide range of scalable drive components for motion control applications, such as movement of show elements or kinetic installations.

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