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TAPKO Technologies Presents its KNX IP and Power Supply Innovations at Light + Building 2016

New UIM-KNX IP without additional external power supply

The new UIM-KNX IP is an interface device to TP over IP. This device is the first of its class that needs no external power supply. Customer benefit is more space in the distribution board, less cabling, less mounting time, resulting in lower installation cost. This provides as an easy way to connect the PC to the KNX network. The moderate energy demand of the interface is covered from the KNX bus line. The UIM-KNX IP supports extended frame format length up to 240 bytes. IP address can be easily assigned either static or dynamic (DHCP). Information about the device status and possibility for firmware update is offered via a web frontend.

This device is available as OEM version.

New MECIP – KNXnet/IP Routing & Tunneling device

The new MECIp KNXnet/IP Routing & Tunneling is the first device of its class that needs no external power supply. MECIp offers possibility to temporarily disable filtering of messages for installing, commissioning and testing by pressing a button. State of filter tables (on/off) is indicated with LEDs. MECIp can be used as a line – or backbone coupler and provides a data connection between the upper KNXnet/IP line and the lower TP KNX bus line. The integrated tunnelling protocol connects ETS for commissioning and monitoring. MECIp has an integrated mechanism to reduce traffic in case of misconfiguration.

This device is available as OEM version.

IPS 640 – smallest intelligent KNX Power Supply on the market
The intelligent DIN-RAIL mount KNX Power Supply for 640 mA is the smallest on the market with just 2 unit width. It outperforms any other KNX Power Supply for 640 mA in size and functionality. The narrow size allows more KNX devices on the same DIN RAIL. This reduces cost by increasing free space in the distribution box. An additional KNX node ensures higher flexibility and usability by providing diagnostic information like voltage, current, over load, and other data describing the operational state of the device. Also remote and locally controlled functions like reset of a line are implemented. All these functions can be controlled and fine-tuned with a set of parameters. A user interface is providing local information.

This device is available as OEM version.

KNX RF Field Strength Analyzer App for ETS
Our KNX RF Field Strength Analyzer (KNX-RF-FSA) app is taking the innate uncertainty of KNX RF installations. By gathering the Received Signal Strength Indicators (RSSI) of all user-selected RF devices and displaying them in a color-coded matrix, the KNX-RF-FSA makes testing and debugging of KNX RF device connections easier than ever before. Designed to be used for short and long-term observations of the device’s RSSIs, the KNX-RF-FSA is a high-quality tool that can highlight any weaknesses in a KNX RF installation. This tool also tests the functionality of activated repeater for increased area coverage to avoid future problems. Our RF FSA is all you need for a successfully commissioning your KNX RF installation.

This application is available in the ETS App store.

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