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HDL Announces New Doppler Sensor for KNX and Buspro Systems at ISE 2016

HDL is pleased to announce the new HDL Doppler sensor at ISE 2016, from February the 9th to the 12th on booth 12-B82.

The HDL Doppler sensor brings KNX and Buspro system users the combined functionality of a Doppler sensor, Lux sensor, temperature sensor, and humidity sensor in a single compact weatherproof unit.

Utilizing military grade technology, the sensor gives users the power to detect human activity both internally and externally. Available for both KNX and Buspro systems, the HDL Doppler sensor has adjustable multi-level sensitivity, automatic range adjustment, and high RFI and EMI immunity.

This coupled with the modules weatherproof design, and temperature control circuits ensure a long service life in any environment. Equally at home inside or outside the KNX Doppler sensor is capable of:

Switch control
Dimming control
Shutter control
Alarm control
Percentage control
Sequence control
Scene control
14 byte string control
Threshold control

Easily configured using the intuitive HDL app, any homeowner can safeguard their home against any and all intruders. The HDL wireless InteliCenter can also be connected to the Doppler sensor, enabling a user to be notified instantaneously via a sms message if the sensor is triggered.

This Swiss army knife of a module, brings a new meaning to the words multifunctional and security.

If you need presence detection, you need the HDL Doppler sensor.

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