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Siemens Adds Modules for Decentralized Room Automation to its Gamma Instabus KNX Portfolio

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has expanded its modular installation system by three modules for decentralized, multi-discipline room automation.

The new RL 125/23 power supply unit with a rated current of 80 mA makes it possible to create decentralized solutions based on the room automation box that provide for the autonomous automation of a single room or, by combining multiple room automation boxes, of a floor or even an entire building. Up to eight decentralized power supply units can be connected in parallel, allowing the creation of a complete KNX bus line with eight room automation boxes.

The RL 513/23 binary output, which can switch three outputs with 6 A each, is suitable for small, decentralized loads as well as modern energy-efficient LED lamps which use considerably less power than conventional lamps. This allows the cost-efficient implementation of workplace lighting concepts.

The new thermal drive actuator controls up to eight thermal drives for heating and cooling. In combination with a broad selection of room operator units, it allows the coordinated automation of lighting, sun protection and HVAC for optimized energy use.

The new modules are suitable for installation in the eight-slot room automation box or the single-slot automation module box.

Like the entire Gamma instabus product portfolio, the modular installation system is based on KNX and is characterized by installation of the control devices close to the application. Thus less wiring is required, reducing investment costs and the fire load, and hence fire safety costs. Siemens is the only manufacturer to offer a complete product range for lighting, solar protection, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control that allows flexible placement of control units in wall ducts, raised floors, suspended ceilings and flush-mounted boxes.

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