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Theben Offers Complete Modularity With its New Range of MIX2 KNX Actuators

The new MIX2 KNX actuators have replaced nearly all our tried and tested MIX1 actuators and by the end of 2014 we expect the process to be completed. Theben AG offer a complete, modular KNX range for efficient switching and dimming of lighting, as well as heating and blind controls.

Theben MIX2 KNX actuators

Theben MIX2 actuators are ideally suited for use in apartments and family homes, but are used in all types of buildings. The base devices come with a removable KNX bus module and KNX terminals and then can be flexibly combined with other MIX2 extension modules. The MIX2 principle allows for different functions to be combined, as well as for various devices to be connected via binary inputs. This means, for example, that the lights, blinds and underfloor heating can be controlled via KNX. You only need a switch actuator base module and a blind and heating actuator as extension modules.

Thanks to the functional principle of the MIX2 base module with a KNX bus unit and MIX2 extension modules (without a bus unit), considerably fewer infrastructure elements such as a power supply and line couplers will be needed. This reduces system costs by up to a third. The combination of different application modules (also of MIX2 base modules and MIX extension modules) ensures flexible use and increases investment security.

No MIX2 bus module is necessary for installing and testing the device on site. Programming can be carried out in the office, while the base module is installed on site. In order to wire the device or in the case of service centre replacements, the programmed bus module is simply inserted into the new device. This lowers maintenance and service costs considerably.

A highlight of the MIX2 actuator range is the Universal dimming actuator DMG 2 T KNX. This device has already proven itself to be the best KNX dimming device for the smooth control of all types of LED and halogen lights. Responsible for this are the dimming curves in the ETS, which correct the dimming response depending on the lamp used. New dimming curves can also be easily imported and offer maximum investment security for future uses of the lamp. For greater loads, the dimming actuator can be extended by parallel switching of both dimming channels or the use of DMB 1 T KNX dimming boosters up to 2000 watts.

The new alternative: FIX2 compact actuators:

The Theben FIX2 compact actuators are economical, non-extendable variations of the MIX2 actuators and are aimed at larger projects, buildings such as offices, public buildings, hotels and educational establishments, among others. They are put into use when only a base module or a base module plus a similar extension module are needed, for example, a base dimmer device and a dimmer extension device. Or when the removable bus module or alternative extension modules are not necessary.

Pricing and Availability

All new MIX2 and FIX2 switch actuators, blind actuators, heating actuators and dimmers are available now. Binary inputs will be available as of March 2015. Please contact Theben AG for your nearest supplier and pricing

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