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Siemens Introduces the OZW772 Web Server V5 Supporting Synco HVAC and KNX Electrical Systems

Joint access to Synco HVAC and KNX electrical systems
Integration of up to 230 KNX communication objects
Trend recording with e-mail notification

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has introduced version V5 of its proven OZW772 web server with built-in energy indicator. In addition to the direct integration of devices from the Synco family, the new version also supports the integration of KNX communication objects. Existing installations can be upgraded to version V5 via firmware update.

For the first time, version V5 of the Synco OZW772 web server from the Siemens Building Technologies Division allows joint web access to Synco HVAC controllers and KNX electrical devices via one web server, which makes operation, data collection and data analysis for these disciplines significantly easier. This is an essential requirement for integrated applications from Siemens – comprehensively tested applications that make it possible to achieve significant energy savings by automatically exchanging data between the HVAC primary plant and room automation devices.

Version V5 of the OZW772 web server supports up to 250 Synco controllers and provides for the integration of up to 230 KNX communication objects.

These are added using ETS (Engineering Tool Software) and the KNXnet/IP interface, which is integrated into the web server.

As a new feature, the OZW772 web server now also offers trend recording, with intervals freely selectable between one second and one day. If desired, the server e-mails the saved trend logs to up to two different recipients.

In addition to simplifying the operation of disciplines, the linking of Synco HVAC and KNX electrical systems offers a number of new usage scenarios, especially in the areas of data acquisition and analysis and the resulting optimization of plants. For instance, it is possible to correlate the trend logs for temperature history and energy consumption and visualize them based on their interaction. In addition, it is easy to verify the efficiency of energy-saving measures using data on energy consumption, operation modes and setpoints.

OZW772 is a proven web server for the Synco building automation system (Synco 700, RXB/RXL, RDG/RDF/RDU, Synco living), allowing location-independent system operation and control through the Internet, thus contributing to a cost-effective and smooth operation of the plant. Any current web browser can be used as the user interface. A graphical plant overview with all relevant settings is displayed in the web browser. When errors occur or maintenance is required, the web server notifies the plant operator via e-mail. In addition, the web server can be integrated in other systems using the web API (Application Programming Interface).

The OZW772 web server, Synco and the associated service are part of Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio. Around 43 percent of its total revenue stems from green products and solutions. That makes Siemens one of the world’s leading providers of eco-friendly technology.

The new web server version V5 is available immediately and can be installed on all OZW772 via firmware update. All existing Synco KNX plants can be retrofitted with this web server.

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