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Gira Introduces its Standard Mini and Comfort Mini KNX Presence Detectors

With its flat and subtle design, the new Gira KNX presence detector Standard Mini harmonises unobtrusively with its surroundings. Colour emphasis of the design rings is possible to adapt their colours as desired to the wall or ceiling. The device registers even the slightest motion in the room and enables automatic control of various functions in the KNX system, depending on presence. With them, for example light, heating, or ventilation can be controlled exactly as needed and to save power.

Thanks to various models, including ceiling mounting, flush-mounted, and surface-mounted variants, the Gira KNX presence detector Standard Mini can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Compared to the Standard version, the Comfort variant offers numerous additional functions, such as the option of controlling it with an infrared remote control. In addition, the Gira KNX presence detector Comfort Mini includes many other software features for intelligent light control.

The Gira KNX presence detectors will be available starting September 2014.

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