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B.E.G. Offers New KNX/DALI Gateway

Online management of DALI systems

The new B.E.G. KNX/DALI Gateway can use KNX to control and manage not only DALI electronic ballasts, but also DALI emergency lights. Control via IP access to the gateway is very straightforward: here, all connected DALI components are shown in overview. System setup can now also be carried out on a laptop or tablet with internet access, offering the installer much more flexibility in the installation process.

Up to 64 lights can be connected to the gateway. There are 825 communications objects available for controlling DALI groups. Various pre-programmed operating modes can easily be selected, such as normal mode, stairway mode or panic mode. For example, panic mode can be set up for continuous illumination of emergency lights and escape routes in the event of an alarm signal.

As well as the required test for emergency lights, and information on potential failures of DALI lights, lighting effects can be programmed using a plug-in. For optimum use of connected lights, the duration of the burn-in function can be set individually via the B.E.G. KNX/DALI Gateway.
The gateway‘s width has been optimised at 4 slots, so that up to three gateways can be installed side-by-side in a cabinet.

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