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Siemens Offers QXM3 KNX-Based Range of Intelligent Room Controllers

New range of intelligent room controllers from Siemens combines lighting with HVAC for total room automation

Siemens Building Technologies is introducing its new QXM3 controls based on KNX technology. The range includes communicating sensors, switches and room operator units.

The QXM3 range brings a new intelligence to room controls, enabling total room automation in a flexible and affordable technology. The KNX based system can merge lighting, shading and HVAC control. This not only creates long-term energy efficiency but also reduces time and cost for installation, engineering and commissioning.

The QXM3 works alongside Siemens Desigo building automation system to bring total room automation. This is based on the principle of demand control. For example, using the QXM3 technology in meeting rooms will ensure that heating, ventilation and lighting are only used when they are required by occupants. Lights won’t be left on, and spaces will not be cooled or heated unless set points are reached.

Demand control is recommended in the BS EN 15232:2013 standard which demonstrates the energy-saving benefits of this type of technology. Demand control through QXM3 technology is a highly cost effective approach, offering good payback on investment.

The new range offers room temperature, CO2 and humidity measurement as well as the ability to control lights, blinds and lighting scenes. For end-users looking to bring demand-driven control to their buildings, this is an ideal technology.

The QXM3 range includes accurate and reliable CO2 measurement based on dual sensor techology. Most CO2 sensors require the space to be empty for some time during a 24-hour period which is not always practical. The QXM3 devices use a reference sensor to self-calibrate which enables far greater accuracty and vastly reduces drift.

Based on KNX technology, the QXM3 range offers a flexible solution for energy efficient comfort in buildings. The KNX protocol is widely compatible and means that the QXM3 can be used in a wide range of new-build and refurbishment projects.

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