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B.E.G. Presents its KNX Application 5.0 for KNX Occupancy and Motion Detectors

Many new options with KNX

With its new KNX Application 5.0 for KNX occupancy and motion detectors, B.E.G. is leading the way as a specialist in individual solutions: users now have a wide range of new functions and capabilities.

With the new application, detectors now have an extra three freely-programmable channels over and above the lighting channel. Detector LEDs can be switched off from the application, and B.E.G. has designed a new remote control for KNX detectors, with which threshold values can be simply overwritten directly on site.

However, the greatest range of innovations is in the lighting control channel. For example, the new application enables activation of many special functions such as corridor, activate/deactivate LEDs and many more. For optimum lamp life, the manufacturer‘s prescribed burn-in time can be easily set. KNX Application 5.0 thus offers everything required for optimum lighting control.

For more energy efficiency, the new application allows you to program a mandatory switchoff, so that lighting is deactivated after 15 minutes even if switched on manually, as long as there is enough ambient light. For more convenience, the application offers optimisation via semi-automatic operation: the detector reactivates the light at dusk with no further switch operation required.

The new application will be integrated into all B.E.G. KNX detectors in the course of 2014.

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