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Jung Presents its KNX Presence Detector Mini with Three Installation Options

Nothing escapes its observation: the KNX presence detector mini in its standard or universal version with integrated bus coupling unit.

With its compact structure it can be installed in three different ways. Depending on the circumstances of the location it can be mounted in a false ceiling, surface mounted or installed in a flush-mounted box.That way workstations in offices, entrance areas or hallways in commercial and residential properties for example can be specifically monitored.

The five functional blocks of the universal unit work independently of each other. Each functional block may be configured as desired for use as a presence detector, movement detector, or signalling mode. In the Universal version, the setting and operation can optionally be done by infrared remote control for extra convenience.

The KNX brightness sensor for flush mounting

The KNX brightness sensor for flush mounting enables interior light control depending on the amount of daylight present. There are three installation options for this unit, too: in a false ceiling, surface installation or in a standard flush wall box.

The KNX presence detector mini is available in three installation options: for mounting in a false ceiling, flush wall box or for surface installation. That way the type of installation can be perfectly adapted for each location.

The presence detector may optionally be set up and operated using an IR remote control.

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