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Jung Presents its KNX DALI Gateway Plus Intelligent Interface

Jung presents a new intelligent interface for building automation with the KNX DALI Gateway Plus. This enables the networking of a KNX installation with a DALI digital lighting system. It allows room lighting control of open-plan offices for example, classrooms, production halls, meeting rooms, showrooms, or shop windows to be simply and conveniently included in the overriding KNX building management system.

As well as switching and dimming 64 lights in a maximum of 32 light groups, 16 pre-programmed lighting scenarios may also be stored and retrieved. Moreover, the new gateway provides a lighting effect control system which allows lights or light groups to be included in dynamic light moods. This allows brightness scenarios to be implemented across one or more DALI groups or single DALI units or scenes.

Furthermore, the JUNG KNX DALI Gateway Plus may also be included in DALI emergency lighting systems. The gateway is also capable of incorporating DALI lighting control standard operating units in accordance with IEC 62386-101 (DALI) and IEC 62386-102 (control gear) as emergency light in centrally powered emergency lighting systems.

Another advantage is in its simplified on-line and off-line planning operation. This is beneficial when the gateway is configured at an earlier time, for instance, before the DALI system start-up. The DALI gateway is configured and put into operation through a plug-in embedded in the ETS. No additional hardware or software is required.

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