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Theben Presents the New theLuxa P Motion Detector Range

With the new theLuxa Performance range and the theLuxa Standard devices, Theben AG now offer a complete range of high-quality motion detectors for automatic and energy-efficient outdoor lighting control.

All theLuxa motion detectors from the Standard and Performance range now come in an attractive, standard design. Standard products offer detection areas of up to 12 m and 150° (theLuxa S150), 180° (theLuxa S180) or 360° and a 16 m detection area (theLuxa S360). This makes them suitable for entrances to family homes, driveways, back and side doors, carports or bicycle storerooms, among other uses. Performance devices cover large areas of up to 16 m and 220° (theLuxa P220) or 300° (theLuxa P300) and can be used outdoors on public or commercial buildings such as administration buildings, hotels, schools, multi-storey car parks or warehouses. What’s more, theLuxa P300 KNX can be perfectly integrated into KNX building automation. Thanks to their creep under protection, all motion detectors also reliably cover the areas directly under and even a little behind the detector.

Through the use of a high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact, the theLuxa Performance detectors can switch high-capacity loads of up to 10 A and several lamps can be connected to one detector, for example, to light up larger areas such as loading bays or hotel facilities. The theLuxa Standard range allows you to do this via zero cross switching. Thanks to protection class IP 55, both Standard as well as Performance detectors are optimally protected against the effects of the weather, such as rain or dust.

All theLuxa devices stand out for being easy to install, among other things, thanks to their sockets with large connection areas, highly visible terminal labelling, blind terminals for earth conductors and a bracket for plug-in terminals. theLuxa motion detectors are suitable for wall mounting and can be easily fixed to existing 60 mm flush-mounted boxes. Thanks to their swivelling sensor heads, theLuxa S360 and the devices in the Performance range can even be mounted on the ceiling or roof overhangs. Extensive installation accessories such as space frames and corner brackets give you even more flexibility upon installation.

The ease of use of all devices has also been further improved, for example, with the easily accessible adjusters or the teach-in function on the detector itself which conveniently helps the user to adjust the switch-on brightness. With the test function, the correct setting of the detection area can even be tested in daylight. Thanks to the pulse function, the motion detectors can be integrated into existing electrical installations with stair light time switches without having to make expensive changes. Performance devices can also be conveniently set from floor level using the theSenda remote control.

All theLuxa motion detectors are available in black or white. theLuxa Standard motion detectors are already available. Devices in the Performance range from autumn 2014.

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