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Theben Presents the theMova Indoor Motion Detector

With theMova ThebenHTS presents a completely new range of high-quality motion detectors for automatic and energy-efficient lighting control in indoor transit areas.

The new theMova motion detectors complement the theLuxa outdoor detectors with high-quality devices for indoor use. All theMova motion detectors in the Standard and Performance range have an attractive, standard design and have adopted the teardrop shape of the already launched thePrema presence detector. Thanks to the standard design with its unmistakable teardrop shape, ThebenTHS presence and motion detectors blend in harmoniously indoors.

theMova motion detectors have a circular 360º detection area of up to 8 m (theMova S) or 24 m (theMova P) and are suitable for transit areas in administration buildings, hotels and educational establishments, sports halls, warehouses, and multi-storey car parks, among others, as well as theMova S AP-version in damp rooms in the surface-mounted version thanks its IP54. Furthermore, Performance devices offer a mechanical area restriction with snap-on clips. The large detection area and the numerous applications mean that less devices are needed in each room. What’s more, theMova P KNX can be perfectly integrated into KNX building automation.

All theMova devices stand out for being easy to install, theMova S motion detectors are available in a ceiling installation and surface-mounted version, whilst theMova P devices can be fitted in a ceiling flush-mounted box or surface-mounted frame both in or on the ceiling, as well as in rooms over 3.5 m high. theMova S practical plug-in terminals considerably speed up installation.

As far as ease of use is concerned, theMova motion detectors leave nothing to be desired: Whilst all devices can be conveniently set with the theSenda remote control, Performance devices also have easily accessible adjusters on the bottom of the device. The teach-in function on the detector itself allows the user to easily adjust the switch-on brightness. With the test function, the correct setting of the detection area can even be tested in daylight. Thanks to the pulse function, the motion detectors can be easily integrated into existing electrical installations with stair light time switches without having to make expensive changes.

Thanks to the new switch-mode power supply, the internal consumption value of theMova motion detectors is well under 0.2 W. This means that theMova motion detectors makes a considerable contribution towards saving energy. Through the use of a high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact, theLuxa Performance detectors can switch high-capacity loads of up to 10 A and several lamps can be connected to one detector, for example, to light up larger areas such as loading bays or hotel facilities.

All theMova motion detectors are available in grey or white. The complete theMova product range including theMova P KNX will be launched by autumn 2014.

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