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Gira Presents its G1 Central Operating Unit with Multi-Touch Display for Intelligent Building Control

G1: The multi-talent for intelligent building technology

The Gira G1 is the new compact and powerful central operating unit for the entire building technology. All the functions can be operated intuitively by touching or gesturing on the excellent multi-touch display – more easily than ever before. This is ensured by the Gira Interface, which is a completely new development and features a user-friendly symbol system including large fonts and easy-to-understand symbols. Gira G1 has proven to be a true multi-talent considering it can be used as the central operating unit for a KNX system, as well as for the new eNet radio system. In connection with the DCS-IP-gateway and a door station, the Gira G1 can also be used as a complete door intercom. When the doorbell rings, the device automatically changes over into door intercom mode. At the touch of a finger, communication is initiated, the door is opened, and the light is switched on if necessary. The Gira G1 can be employed as a client in combination with a Gira HomeServer.

The visual impression is captivating: The Gira G1 looks extremely delicate and appears to float on the wall. The design is linear and puristic, and the materials are high-quality. The continuous front panel consists of scratch-resistant special glass which is 1mm thick. The real metal frames underline the elegant design. The models in black and white harmonise with almost any interior design concept.

The brilliant 9 x 16 cm [6″] TFT colour display offers a resolution of 
480 x 800 pixels and 160 dpi to guarantee an extremely clear representation of images, graphics, and text. It is easily legible from any viewing angle – for both tall and short people. The display is automatically adapted to the relative lighting conditions via a brightness sensor. In addition, an integrated motion sensor recognises when a person approaches the device, and the display switches on automatically. When the G1 is not in use, the display switches off to save power, which makes Gira G1 an energy-efficient solution.

Laying a hand onto the display allows a predefined main function to be called up directly. For example, a Gira G1 then acts as a switch for ceiling lighting. Installing the Gira G1 is conceivably simple since it can be inserted into a standard 55 mm flush-mounted box. Mounting is then performed in three steps.

The Gira G1 central operating unit including the new interface design was designed by schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation (Wuppertal), and it will be available for delivery in February 2015.

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