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Basalte Introduces and BO.sensor Integration Module for its Asano KNX Multiroom Audio System

BO.sensor integrates Bang & Olufsen infrared remote controls with KNX systems and allows controlling KNX lights, screens and scenes with the Beo 4 and Beo 6 remotes.

BO.sensor supports all AV controls like TV, RADIO and DVD, allowing you to control the complete Asano system. In combination with, powerful macros can be started by a single button press. The BO.sensor module sits behind the original Bang & Olufsen infrared sensor powering it directly from the KNX bus without any additional power supply.

With the integration module it becomes possible to control any IR or Serial RS232 device with KNX. CD players, tuners or digital set top boxes, all become part of the Asano system. can be combined with up to 16 IR or Serial modules that can be located anywhere in the house.

As a bonus, up to 3 surround receivers can be integrated directly over IP. With, source selection and volume control with full feedback can be controlled with KNX commands. supports receivers from Pioneer, Marantz and Denon. comes with a configuration tool that allows you to create macros that include sending out KNX-commands in combination with IR and serial commands and allowing you to create powerful welcome and good-bye scenarios. has two LAN ports with integrated switch for daisy chaining.

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