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Elsner Elektronik Shows KNX Outdoor Sensors and Weather Station at Light+Building 2014

Halle 8 Stand F98
Halle 11 Stand C26

Outdoor Sensor Vari KNX in various versions

The KNX outdoor sensors offer various measuring options in a small and unobtrusive size. Single sensors like the Vari T KNX measure e.g. temperature or capture sun from three directions, like the Vari 3L KNX. Thus specific values can be measured at different places as required. In contrast, combined sensors allow one device to collect various data, like the Vari 3L-TH KNX for brightness, temperature and air humidity. The software of all outdoor sensors includes switching outputs and automatic functions. The version Vari GPS KNX receives the GPS position and time.

Weather Station Suntracer KNX sl

The new weather station Suntracer KNX sl will continue the success story of the Elsner KNX weather stations with GPS receiver. The Suntracer KNX sl likewise offers not only sensors for capturing brightness, wind speed, temperature and precipitation, but also a controller for shading of eight fronts. The automatic functions with blind tracking according to the sun position have been extended by functions like frost protection. Additionally the functions have been clearly rearranged. After the redesign of the housing, the new model integrates nearly invisibly into the face of the building.

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JUNG area / line coupler

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