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Busch-Jaeger Offers KNX Sensors for Busch-Installationsbus KNX and Busch-Powernet KNX

The Busch KNX sensors provide buildings with a network of intercommunicating devices and regulate the use of light, heating and fresh air as well as control the blinds. To do this, the Busch-Installationsbus® KNX utilises a separate twin-wire cable, Busch-Powernet® KNX and the mains supply available.

Both systems can be installed with little effort and offer all the possibilities for future expansion for new buildings as well as renovated buildings. The KNX sensors for operating and displaying, adapt to the most differing designs and taste in a flexible way and offer numerous functions for a comfortable, safe living and working style.

Busch-priOn® – As diverse as life itself.
With Busch-priOn you can control and monitor the whole room at the same time. Light, scenes, timer, blind control, heating control – all functions are performed intuitively via a rotary regulator. The 8,89cm (3.5’’) TFT display shows all information clearly. Busch-priOn is not style frame bound and can be a modular design layout. Freely programmable functions, such as light scenes, blind functions or particular lights can be called up using the switch rockers. Busch-priOn can be ideally adapted to all customer requirements. There is a choice of three high-quality design versions: “glass white”, “glass black” and stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating.

KNX sensor solo® – Unmistakable aestheticism
Not only for your private domain but also for modern industrial and public architecture, i.e. wherever demanding forms are preferred, the KNX-solo® finds its application. The complete switch program solo® is available; therefore there are no limits to their combination possibilities.

The KNX sensor future® – Timeless design.
The KNX sensor future is particularly suitable for use in functional buildings. In this way timeless design and the elementary benefit of excellent service value are combined. In office buildings such as banks and in the public sector, formal reduction, in its non-compromising clarity forms an appealing unit with the stylistic purism of modern architecture.

The KNX sensor Busch-triton® – Elegant ergonomics.
The KNX sensor Busch-triton® is probably the most innovative operating element for construction system engineering for residential buildings as well as representative sectors such as in hotels. It has freely programmable user interfaces, it is multifunctional and can be adapted to the individual needs of the user in a flexible way.

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