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BleuCommAzur and iKNiX Show the Latest KNX-proServ Features at Light+Building 2014

KNX-proServ is well-known as the first controller that is configured using only ETS for iPhone/iPad and Android visualization – with no need to export group addresses, to download a graphical editor and to create a separate visualization project. One configuration fits for all clients and all resolutions. The completely license free apps are configured with a product database, like a switch or an actuator, without using any manual.

Now BleuCommAzur and iKNiX have improved KNX-proServ functionality with tiny IP extensions:

1) The first one allows data logging and displaying graphs for temperatures, electricity or water-consumption. Any KNX values that are to be monitored, have just to be marked in the ETS database of proServ. That’s all. The User Interface of the proServ apps allows you to switch directly from the actual value to the history curve.

2) Another IP extension allows control of the SONOS multiroom music system. This is very useful as the control tablet with the SONOS apps is often not available in zones like the bathroom or kitchen. Now the essential functions like Play/Stop/Volume or even the selection of favourite playlists or radio stations are accessible from a standard KNX wall mount switch. Again, everything is configured in ETS software without any knowledge of the programming language.

Another new functionality of proServ will be shown with the new HOTELLO hotel app. Imagine this scenario: you arrive late in the evening at your hotel; the entrance and reception are already closed, BUT you’ve got a mail with a link on your smartphone; you activate it and suddenly you are able to open the hotel door and also your reserved hotel room with a simple click. That’s not all: you may control lighting, curtains, heating/air-conditioning and even the TV and the music in your hotel room.

KNX-proServ may be seen at the KNX member booth in Hall 8.0. F98. It is a product of BleuCommAzur and iKNiX, both KNX member companies.

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