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DGLogik Announces KNX Support for its DGBox Appliance Platform

Making the most useful protocols available to our clients is one of many deliverables of DGLogik. With tremendous success in building automation throughout Europe, the DGBox now offers the KNX Protocol! As DGLogik expands around the globe, we will be continuing to announce the latest and greatest in order to further minimize engineering and development time.

DGBox is a cost effective solution that enables creation and utilization of appliance applications consisting of Data Acquisition, Data Storage and Visualization. Utilizing DGBox, customers are able to take advantage of data point and visualization templates specific to the devices being monitored and/or controlled. The Appliance Platform drives repeatability and enables plug and play deployments for reduced engineering time and enhanced cost savings.

KNX protocol installations have popularized and can be discovered throughout Europe, as well as the Far East, North and South America. Globally, it is THE open standard for control in commercial and residential buildings ensuring that components communicate through one accepted language – KNX Bus.

What is so significant about KNX and what are the benefits?

Well, think of KNX as easily unifying your systems and database. Instead of rewiring, having multiple control/monitoring centers; in turn, spending more money on design time and installation time, one would find KNX to be the unifying solution.

Whether you have an actuator or sensor, communicating and controlling building elements such as energy management, lighting, HVAC elements, audio/video controls, security and safety, and integrating with an operation and visualization device like, the DGBox, with a single bus significantly reduces your engineering and development time.

Furthermore – within the DGBox, the KNX driver becomes part of a larger ecosystem. For existing installations that have a mix of KNX and other protocols, the DGBox allows all devices to interact with one another regardless of the protocol. Don’t forget the visualization component of the DGBox! Immediate interaction and an immediate display of data within minutes. Innovation and efficiency made simply!

Unify your systems, become part of a larger scale and provide the adaptability that you need through KNX protocol in the DGBox.

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