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Lifedomus Announces KNX/IP Gateway for MyLifedomus

Lifedomus has announced an IP gateway to control KNX using its MyLifedomus automation system.

With a simple, intuitive and customisable application, the KNX/IP gateway can control MyLifedomus smartphone and tablets (iOS , Android ) and all standard automation equipment (lighting , motors, heating), allowing you to create your own scenarios that can be started manually or automatically.

MyLifedomus can control lighting in rooms and outdoor spaces on an individual basis, as well as shutters, gates or garage doors. It can display information from detectors, sensors, thermostats or a weather station, can monitor the home using IP cameras and provide security using KNX alarms.

Real-time tracking your actual and theoretical energy consumption is possible, as well as the ability to report the kW/h cost.

All rooms and floors displayed are customisable using photos taken directly to a phone or tablet, or selected from a photo album.

MyLifedomus can be used to group parts of the house (e.g. create floors), and can sort and highlight the parts and equipment that are most often accessed

MyLifedomus gateway supports KNX but is also available in versions that support EnOcean technology or MyHome.

Lifedomus is widely represented in France with more than 100 authorised dealers and repair installers. It is also distributed in Belgium, Switzerland, Asia and soon in Germany, Dubai and the United States.

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